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Scholarship Foundation

For the Love of Chocolate Scholarship Foundation

February 17, 2018 

Scholarship Foundation Annual Gala


For the Love of Chocolate Scholarship Foundation provides scholarships for qualified students in the specialized training of the pastry arts.  The foundation awards scholarships to students in the full-time programs taught by The French Pastry School of Kennedy-King College.  For the Love of Chocolate Foundation promotes commitment in pastry arts education for individuals looking to change careers, as well as individuals who have shown potential in the culinary field but who have no formal pastry education.  

Students of The French Pastry School come from across the nation and many parts of the world, and a wide variety of backgrounds. What they share is a passion for pastry. Thanks to the continuing sponsorships and donors to For the Love of Chocolate Foundation, many students, who otherwise would not be able to afford the top education in pastry, are able to apply for scholarships and obtain the training that will enable them to achieve their dreams in a new or continuing career. Click here to view past For the Love of Chocolate scholarship recipients. 

Each year, the foundation holds an annual fundraiser to help supply future scholarships. Coming up on February 17, 2018, the For The Love of Chocolate Foundation will host the unique and exciting event where guests can experience new themes, innovative entertainment, and delectable bites from the best in Chicago.